Welcome to Focus Rx Total Parenteral Nutrition Program

Your Focus Rx Nutrition Support Team (NST) is comprised of pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses, and insurance benefit experts. Your Focus Rx professionals have been hand-picked because of their experience and expertise in home TPN. The Focus Rx Nutrition Support Team (NST) members integrate their bodies of expertise to benefit our patients. We do this by balancing the proven benefit of using evidence–based protocols with the need to meet each patient’s needs. From nutrition management to pharmacy expertise, to complete ability to help you navigate the insurance aspects of care, you are partnering with a winning team. Focus Rx has the unique ability to be flexible, putting the patient in patient care.


  • Your Focus Rx team works closely with you and your doctor to deliver the best
    nutrition care for you.
  • Your Focus Rx Registered Dietitian (RD) will evaluate your lab work, fluid and weight status, and any oral or enteral intake you have to tailor your TPN formula for nutritional adequacy and to promote metabolic tolerance. Your RD will also work with you if/when you are eating to help promote optimal tolerance.
  • Your Focus Rx Registered Pharmacist will prepare your TPN after consulting with your doctor for orders and arrange to ship it directly to your home.
  • Your RN will teach you and your caregiver to administer your TPN, then will return for regularly-scheduled dressing changes and lab draws.




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